Book Aid


Frequently Asked Questions by Schools


Q. I only want to run two out of the three issues per year – is this possible?
A. Yes, we usually ask when you join and at the start of each school year which issues of the catalogues you would like to receive and just send what you request. For issues that you have not requested, we always provide information about it and you can choose to receive the bulk catalogues.

Q. Can I give out both catalogues to a child?
A. Yes, although there is some overlap with Funfare and Book Zone, it’s fine to give out both catalogues to broaden the selection and there may be siblings who would appreciate it.

Q. When will the catalogues arrive?
A. We aim to despatch the catalogues so they arrive at the beginning of each of the three (Northern hemisphere) terms.

Q. You have sent me catalogues but I don’t want to run this issue – do you want them back?
A. Please recycle them. We send out forms at the end of each school year for next year’s club requirements – it’s important to return the form showing which issues you require so that we don’t send you unwanted material. You can amend your requirements at any time via your online account.

Q. My catalogues have not arrived, I think they might have got lost and I need them urgently?
A. Please let us know and we will re-despatch them immediately – most parts of the world can be reached via courier within a few days.


Q. What happens if I am delayed in submitting my order and it is close to the end of term?
A. Send the order as soon as you can and state the date that you need the books by – we can usually work to this.

Q. Do you accept orders after the closing date for an issue?
A. We do but you will have to accept that our stock may be depleted and it could take longer than usual to supply you.

Q. I don’t have time to order my Free books with this order – can I send it later?
A. Free books should be ordered at the same time as Paid books but you can carry forward unused commission to the next issue.

Online Ordering

Q. The Euro amount on my online order doesn’t agree to the catalogue prices?
A. You probably have not adjusted the exchange rate to the rate for this issue. On your online account go to Set Up/Set Up Local Currency and use the Euro exchange rate indicated.

Q. I submitted an online order and then checked my available commission but it doesn’t seem to have updated?
A. Your commission was correctly shown while your order was current. When you submit your order your commission will not update until we have processed your order so there will be a short period while it is not displaying the latest information.


Q. When can I expect to receive my order?
A. We expect to despatch your order within 1 to 2 days but if any titles are temporarily out of stock it may take longer. Delivery times are approximately 3-5 days in Europe and 5-10 days for the Rest of the World and may take longer if there are customs delays.

Q. Who pays if there is tax or duty on the books?
A. Our standard delivery service covers transit to the school and customs clearance but does not include any customs charges, tax or duty. If you think you have been wrongly charged, please send a copy of the invoice and we’ll take it up with our delivery company. If we agree to send your order DDP (Duty Paid) then we will pay the customs charges and pass those charges on to you.

Q. If my order has not arrived by the expected time, what can be done about it?
A. If your order has been sent via Air Parcel post we suggest that you contact your local postal depot to see if it’s being held there. If the despatch is via Courier you can use the tracking number shown with your invoice to trace your order, or contact us for information. If the books are in customs it is important that the school responds to any requests to minimise delay and to ensure that the order gets delivered.

Q. What happens if my order appears to have got lost in transit?
A. We will normally replace it free of charge.

Q. What shall I do if books have arrived damaged or faulty?
A. Please let us know the details and we will resend them free of charge.

Q. What happens if something is missing from my order?
A. Please check any notes accompanying your order, if the order is incomplete we tell you  what is missing and to follow. It’s also important to check that you have received all cartons in the consignment – the email accompanying your invoice will have indicated how many cartons to expect and if there is more than one they will be numbered accordingly (a 3 carton consignment will for instance be numbered 1/3, 2/3, 3/3). If a book is missing please let us know and we will send it immediately, it’s helpful for us to know if you also have a surplus title that was not ordered..


Q. I want to pay by direct bank transfer, what are your bank details?
A. Details can be found on your Invoice, Statement or in the Payment section under Member Info

Q. Can I use my commission to pay an amount due?
A. We request that any commission is taken as Free books.

Q. If you have agreed to refund us, how will you make the payment?
A. For parents using Parent Pay we can send a card refund. For schools we normally issue a credit note to the club account which can be used against the next order and you make a cash refund locally.

Q. What do you suggest if there is a small balance on the club account which is uneconomic to pay from overseas by direct bank transfer?
A. We suggest paying via credit card from your online account under Account Details/Pay Account Balance or alternatively we can normally allow small balances to be carried forwards to the next main payment, but please let us know.


Q. I don’t know my club reference?
A. You can find your club reference on the top of the letter accompanying your catalogues. It’s also shown on any Invoice or Despatch Note in the top right hand corner.

Q. If a parent or child decides they do not like a book can we return it to you?
A. Due to the high cost of returning a book to the UK and the need to receive it in mint condition to allow resale, we have found it is impractical to provide a return/refund service.