Book Aid

How to Operate the Club


There are two pupil catalogues: Funfare for ages 3 to 8 and Book Zone for ages 9 to 16. We suggest that you include all the pupils in this age range and issue one catalogue per pupil. There are three issues of the catalogues per year with a completely new selection of books – Autumn (Sept-Dec), Spring (Jan-Mar) and Summer (April-June). We ask you to indicate which issues you require in advance of the school year, but if you have opted not to receive an issue we will always send you information about it so that you can request the bulk catalogues and run that issue. If you don’t have enough catalogues just let us know and we’ll send them immediately.

How to Run Your Club

We recommend using Parent Pay to run your club where your parents order online to the school Parent Pay order and make a secure card payment to Baker Books. The advantage of this is that that the school does not have to handle any orders or payments and the parents enter the orders. If Parent Pay is not appropriate then use the traditional Cash with Order method where orders are returned to the school with payment.

Online Account

You can access your Online Account from the Home page of the website – please use your Account to administer your club and to enter and submit orders. For Cash with Order, if your school is located outside the Euro Zone, then you will probably want to start by generating order forms in your local currency. From the Home page of your online account go to Set Up/Currency Set Up and you will be guided through the simple process to print order forms to circulate with the catalogues.  Your exchange rate should be reviewed with each new issue of the catalogues.

Distributing the Catalogues

You need to hand out the catalogues to all participating pupils/parents. You’ll get a better response if everyone involved with the club – teachers, parents and children are enthusiastic about the books so you might like to draw attention to particularly attractive or popular titles. It always helps if class teachers can spend a little time going through the catalogue with their class and discussing the books. We also provide colourful posters on which you can display the details of the club and the deadline for returning orders. You may want to include a note to your parents with the catalogues and we provide Sample Parent Letters for you to make use of.

Online Ordering

For Cash with Order you will receive back the order forms from pupils/parents with payment and we recommend that at an early stage you check that the correct amount has been received and that you separate payments from order forms. When you are ready to process the orders, on your Online Account choose to enter the orders either by Class and Pupil or by Catalogue. As you enter the parent orders, which we call Paid books, you will see how much commission you have available to use for ordering Free books. You do not have to complete your order in a single session, entries are automatically saved and you can add to it or amend it later. When you have completed the order you can submit it and an acknowledgement will be sent to the coordinator name and email address that we have on your club record.

Parent Online Ordering

Parent Pay enables you to set up a website to which parents can add their orders online and make a secure credit or debit card payment to Baker Books. To set this up go to your online account and follow the steps shown under Set Up/Set Up Parent Pay. If you have some parents who do not want to pay by card then you can use Cash with Order to the school at the same time but these orders will have to be entered as a separate School Order. Please see Parent Pay for more details.


The prices in the printed catalogues are shown in GB Pounds together with the recommended retail price or RRP. The Euro prices includes the standard charge for post and packing so in Euro Zone countries so the catalogues can be circulated without additional price lists and an order can be prepared entirely in Euros. The printed Teachers’ Choice Commission Catalogue shows prices in GB Pounds only.

Free Books

You earn commission on the value of your order or total Paid books. The standard rate of commission is 20% which can then be used to order Free books which may be selected from any of the current catalogues but especially Teachers’ Choice, which has a wide range of books suitable for the school library. Please enter your Free books in the Free column/box on your online order. Free books are sent post free provided they are ordered at the same time as your Paid books.

Pack by Class

To enable easy distribution of the books on arrival in the school we offer this service for orders that are placed online via Class & Pupil and Parent Pay. We will pack orders according to your Class names and mark the outside of each carton with the details. Please request this service when completing your order by ticking the box on the Order Summary page.

Free Carrier Bags

Free colourful, carrier bags are available.  For orders entered by Class & Pupil or Parent Pay we will automatically pack a quantity of bags with each class order on the basis of one bag per pupil and additional bags for pupils that order multiple books but if bags are not required then please indicate in the Comments box on the Order Summary page. For orders entered by Catalogue, if bags are required, please indicate the quantity in the space provided.

Despatch Arrangements

We send books either via Courier or Air Parcel post and select the best method for the size of consignment and its destination. Consignments despatched via Air Parcel are sent as ‘printed matter’ which normally avoid Duty/Tax – this method is suitable for all sizes of orders.  Our standard charges shown below are a percentage of the total Paid books.

Rates for Postage & Packing: UK free, Europe 15%, Rest of World 20%

Consignments are normally sent on a ‘door-to-door’ basis. Our rates cover the cost of delivery and customs clearance but do not normally include any local charges for which the school will be responsible. We can also arrange free delivery to your UK forwarding agent. Where there are customs charges we can normally ship DDP which means we pay the Duty/Tax on your behalf and charge it back to you – see further details under Despatch Arrangements by Country

Estimated delivery time is 3-5 working days for Europe and 5-10 days outside Europe.


Secure credit or debit card payment can be made with your online order via Worldpay or alternatively we can supply your order ‘on account’ for payment within 30 days of the invoice date. The invoice will be sent via email to the Club Coordinator when the books are despatched, please ensure that it is approved and passed to the appropriate person for payment by the due date.

Your online account can also be used to pay a balance on the account by card. Online bank payments or transfers should be made payable to Baker Books – please request that all charges, including UK bank charges are to be paid by the sender and most importantly, please provide a payment reference that we can recognise such as Invoice No. or club reference or send these details to us separately via email. We can only accept a GB Pounds cheque or draft if it is drawn on a UK bank. Our bank account details appear on your invoice and statement of account and are shown below.

Account Name: Baker Books International Ltd
Branch Bank: Lloyds TSB, 147 High St, Guildford, GU1 3AG, UK

Currency Account No. Sort Code IBAN BIC
GB Pounds 01608502 309374 GB59 LOYD 3093 7401 6085 02 LOYDGB21022
Euros 86136811 309374 GB22 LOYD 3093 7486 1368 11 LOYDGB21022

Euro payments can be made direct to the account shown above. We can accept payment by cheque with a minimum amount of €100. The Euro prices in the catalogues are fixed for each issue and the exchange rate used includes the charge for post and packing. For schools in the Euro Zone the invoice total will also be shown in Euros. Euro prices are only applicable within Europe.

Please do not pay an amount less than is shown on our invoice without first agreeing this with us. Delay in receiving payment can hold up the next order and interest may be charged at 2% per month for overdue accounts. We also reserve the right to require payment in advance of despatching an order.

Book Supply

We expect to supply a complete and accurate order – a Despatch Note is sent with the books and the Invoice is sent via email at the time of despatch to the Club Coordinator. If the order is supplied incomplete then the Despatch Note will indicate the titles to follow but the Invoice will include all books supplied including those ‘to follow’. These are some of the actions we take when an order is sent incomplete for which we will give you a full explanation about what we have done:

Title temporarily unavailable – we may send your main order and the unavailable title will normally follow within a few days. If the delay is longer we will usually provide a gift book with the main order and the title ordered will follow.

Title permanently unavailable – in this rare event we will provide a good substitute (normally with a higher value) but with the option that, if dissatisfied, the pupil/parent can choose a free alternative title to the value of the original book ordered or request a refund. A refund can be made direct to a parent if Parent Pay has been used, for Cash with Order we will normally issue a credit note to the school account and ask you to arrange the refund.


When your invoice is sent via email to the Club Coordinator  we indicate the method and date of despatch together with the number of cartons sent.

Courier despatch – we tell you the courier company and tracking number for your consignment so you can monitor progress.  If there is a delay or a query about your consignment please let us know but contacting the local depot of the courier company may be the quickest way to resolve it.

Air Parcel Post – this is a postal service by air for printed matter and is normally reliable for all destinations but there is no tracking system. If there are multiple cartons in your consignment they may not all arrive on the same day. The estimated delivery times may be exceeded for some destinations so we recommend allowing at least two weeks in Europe and four weeks outside Europe before informing us that a carton or a consignment is missing. Delivery arrangements vary from country to country but if there is a delay, we recommend initially contacting your local postal depot to see if the cartons are being held there. If a carton or consignment has not arrived at its destination within approximately three weeks in Europe and five weeks outside Europe and attempts to locate it are not proving successful we will, if necessary, ask you to provide a list of missing books. Replacement books will normally then be sent free of charge. If the original consignment arrives during this process or after the replacement books have been sent, please let us know immediately.

Receipt of Order

Please ensure that you have received all the cartons in a consignment – a consignment of 6 cartons will for instance be numbered 1/6, 2/6 etc and the Despatch Note indicates the number sent.. We recommend that on receipt of your order that you check it in against the Despatch Note, or for larger orders that are packed by class, you can check against your class list. If you find any discrepancies then please let us know the details – we like to understand how the discrepancy has occurred and these are some of the actions we take:

A wrong book has been sent – we will send the correct book free of charge.
A book that you ordered is not shown on the Despatch Note – the likely cause is that the title has not appeared on the order so we will supply it.
A book that is listed on the Despatch Note is missing – if we have picked and supplied the wrong title then it is likely that you will also have a surplus book which we’d like to know about – we will send the correct book free of charge. If your order is packed by class it also helps to know which class it was missing from. If you report several missing books we may request more information to try and establish what has happened – where books have gone missing in transit we will normally replace them free of charge.
A book is faulty or damaged – we will replace it free of charge. It’s always helpful to have details of the problem, we don’t normally ask for the book to be sent back but a photo of the fault or damage attached to an email can be useful for assisting our claim from the publisher or carrier.
A pupil/parent does not want or does not like the book ordered – due to the high cost of returning a book to the UK and the need to receive it in mint condition to allow resale, we think it is impractical to provide a return/refund service for this reason. We suggest that the Club Coordinator seeks alternative solutions – perhaps another family would be interested in the unwanted book or one of the school’s free books might be acceptable. A parent objects to the content of a book or feels mislead by the description – provided the Club Coordinator feels that it is a reasonable complaint we will issue a refund or a credit note to the school account.


Card payments – we can issue refunds to a cardholder from whom we have received a payment or to a nominated cardholder where full details are provided.

Account credit – to avoid charges on small refunds via bank transfer outside the UK we normally issue a credit note to your club account and ask you to arrange the refund to the parent. The credit note can be used against any amount currently due or deducted from a future amount due.


We’re always available to answer your queries, just email on and we’ll answer by return if we can and definitely within 24 hours. You can also phone during UK working hours on Tel: +44 (0)1483 267888

Your feedback on any aspects of the club is always appreciated, particularly with suggestions for improvement.