Book Aid

Online Account

Your Online Account gives you access to the information that we have set up for your club and allows you to make changes.  If you are operating on a Cash with Order basis then you can prepare local currency order forms to distribute with the catalogues and when you receive orders you can enter them onto an online order form. There’s a running total of the value of your order and how much Commission you have available for choosing your free books. When your order is complete you can Submit it either with a secure card payment via Worldpay or ‘on account’.  Your order will be acknowledged and a copy of your order is retained under Previous Orders.  If you plan to use Parent Pay then you can set this up with a few simple steps from your account and then your parents will effectively build the school Parent Pay order and you just have to Submit it and then choose your free books.  If you need any help with your online account please contact us at  or phone during UK working hours on +44 (0)1483 267888

If you have not already done so, you will need to activate your online account via Member Log In on the left and Register with your Club Reference and a Password of your choice. For schools that are not yet members but would like to run the club, please complete the Try the club form and we’ll let you know your Club Reference by return.