Book Aid

Free Posters & Bags




We send these colourful A3 (30 x 42cms) posters with your catalogues and hope that you can make use of them in classrooms or other areas to draw attention to the book club and to display the closing date for orders.  We automatically send between 1 and 10 posters related to the quantity of your catalogues.  If you would like more please let us know or we can make a record of how many you would like sent with each issue.


Good quality biodegradeable plastic carrier bags are provided for children/parents to get their books home from school.   For orders placed and packed by Class we automatically provide a quantity of bags with each Class based on one per pupil and more for larger orders.   For orders not packed by Class a quantity of bags can be requested.  If you do not want any bags we ask you to state this with your order.