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It was a pleasure doing business with Baker Books, once again. You are by far the most reliable and efficient company I ever worked with. Kuwait

I would also like to thank the Baker Book Club for helping us supply our students with a tremendous selection of outstanding books to further their reading enjoyment this year. Oman

I have to tell you that our parents and students love your books (as do we in the library). Japan

I think the service is fantastic. Sometimes we receive the books within a week. We appreciate this very much. Very many thanks. Falkland Islands

I want to congratulate you on a great system you have developed for ordering for overseas schools. Your prompt replies and wonderful service are a credit to all at Baker Books. Vietnam

We will most definitely be ordering again, the service you offer is effortless and the admin. side via the computer for inputting orders is extremely easy. Also you have been very helpful guiding me through the process- thank you! Saudi Arabia

Once again, we had a successful Baker Books year. We appreciate the easy use and organisation of your book club. The students are enthusiastic and look forward to receiving their books. Many thanks. Jordan

I am very happy with it all, the choice of books, the presentation of the catalogues, not to mention your efficiency and rapidity at dealing with orders… and your never failing patience and helpfulness whenever there is a problem. Switzerland

I can’t tell you how easy it was to distribute the books yesterday! All the boxes came with a (class) label on the outside!! That is SO helpful! Also the books are BEAUTIFUL. Panama

Wow, amazing, you guys are so quick. I must tell you, I love working with you and your company. It is such a pleasure. Really! Spain

We would like to thank you for the option of having books boxed by class. It saved hours and hours of time. What a brilliant service. Japan

As always, I would like to thank you for your fast, efficient service. The children are always excited when the various catalogues are distributed. Portugal

I would like to commend you for your excellent service.  It has been a pleasure coordinating with Baker Books over the past two years and I found your Parent Pay service on this order to be fantastic.  China

Many thanks for the great job that you and your colleagues do throughout the year- an extremely professional and helpful service.  UAE

Many thanks again for a great selection of books this year and your super fast, efficient service.  As always, it’s a pleasure doing business with you. Kuwait

I am retiring after 35 years.  The past few, as librarian, have been some of the happiest.  I’ve enjoyed living with books and Baker Books has played an important role.  The excitement that book orders generate has been a source of satisfaction for me.  From students’ initial order, their anticipation of delivery and finally getting their hands on new books, never failed to bring me pleasure.  I thank you for that, along with the wonderful free additions to our poorly budgeted library! Greece

I have enjoyed receiving all the books and having a little peek every time an order arrived – especially the amazing non-fiction books which are not so easy to find in a book shops.  It has also been so much easier to order on-line and I congratulate you on the good service you provide. France

The Books were beautiful and I am very impressed with the swiftness of the delivery as well as how well they have been packed and the ease of the whole ordering process. Saudi Arabia

Thanks! As always, your customer service is fantastic and both the parents and I find that you are such an easy company with which to work. The whole ordering and payment process is so efficient and your selection of books is utterly tantalizing for teachers, parents, and students! Germany

Thank you for an incredible book club. Children, Parents and teachers all love it. Malawi

I would like to thank you for the promptness, organisation and professionalism we have received from Baker Books, regarding our student book orders. Bahrain

VERY impressed with the service we always get from your company! Everyone is so helpful. The Netherlands

Many thanks for a reliable and excellent service. The way you pack the books by class is brilliant. France

We have really enjoyed running the Baker Books club at the school. The choice is great and the logistics are superb… Switzerland

Many thanks, it has been a pleasure once again working with you to deliver great books into the hands of our learners and families! Japan