Book Aid

Tell me about the Club

Expert book selections

We see thousands of new books but our experienced editor only selects those that are good value for children and that will inform, inspire, delight or amuse. The books are published in the UK but have often been originated in other countries and we consciously choose books with an international outlook and with sensitivity to all cultures and faiths. The books are chosen for families where English is spoken but for those learning English, they provide good authentic material. The Funfare catalogue has books for ages 3-8 and Book Zone for ages 9 to 16.

How the club works

When you have decided to try the Club, we’ll send you the quantity of catalogues required on the basis of one per pupil. The catalogues should be distributed to participating children and within a suitable period of time orders returned with payment to the Club Coordinator. Pupil orders can then be entered online and the master order submitted to Baker Books. Free carrier bags are provided and orders can be packed by class which makes it easier to distribute the books. There are three issues per year: Autumn (Sep-Dec), Spring (Jan-Mar) and Summer (Apr-Jun) – there is no obligation to order from every issue and no minimum order value. The club is simple to operate and help with any queries is readily available from our Member Services team.

The pupil catalogues are printed with GB Pounds and Euro prices so can be circulated as they are in Euro Zone countries but elsewhere the school’s online account enables an order form to be generated in local currency.

Parent online ordering

Our Parent Pay scheme enables your parents to order online to the school but make a card payment to Baker Books. The advantage is that you don’t have to collect orders and payments, your parents effectively build the online order and at the closing date you just submit the order. Orders are entered by Pupil and Class so we can pack your order by class which makes it easier to distribute the books.

View a sample school Parent Pay website

Commission and free books

When you run the Club with your pupils and parents you earn commission on every order which can be used to select free books for the school. The standard rate of commission is 20% of order value but with your first order you are entitled to the introductory offer of 40% commission. Commission can be used to order free books from any of our current catalogues but the Teachers’ Choice Commission Catalogue, with books suitable for the library and classroom, has been provided especially for this purpose. Free books are sent free of postage charge.

Shipping arrangements

We work with you to select the best method of shipment for the books appropriate to the size of the order and the destination. The standard rates for postage and packing are shown as a percentage of the value of the order together with estimated days for transit: UK Free (1-2 days), Europe 15% (3-5 days), Rest of World 20% (5-10 days). The rates shown are for door-to-door service plus customs clearance but do not include any local customs charges.

Friendly customer service

We’re always available to answer your queries, just email on and we’ll answer by return if we can and definitely within 24 hours.

What next

You can view the current catalogues from the menu on the left of this page and if you would like to go ahead with the club please select ‘Try the Club’ and complete the response form showing your requirements. Your catalogues will be sent by return, details of your online account and information on how to run the club will be sent via email and your introductory offer free books can be selected with your first order.