Book Aid

Benefits of the Club

Benefits for the school

  • Good quality books that really help children’s reading
  • Carefully balanced book selections that cater for all levels and interests
  • Easy to operate with online ordering
  • Online Parent Pay scheme so no orders or payments to handle
  • 20% commission on every order to use on free books
  • 40% commission – double free books with first order
  • Wide range of titles from top publishers for free books
  • Friendly help and fast response from Member Services department

Benefits for parents

  • Saves time – only the best books are offered from thousands published
  • An effortless way to provide a regular supply of good books for children
  • Attractive catalogues with age indicators enable easy choice of books
  • Online search facilities enables quick ordering and easy payment
  • New selection of titles with each issue – many books at reduced prices
  • Every purchase helps the school earn free books for their library

Benefits for children

  • The Club gets children excited about books and reading
  • Well-balanced selections so every child can find a book to interest them
  • New and popular titles are instantly available through the club
  • Children who might not otherwise read books can participate in the club
  • The Club provides positive encouragement to own and read books